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http: _ rsrc 1251863418350 aion legions elyos black company logo [[1]] <i>MISSION STATEMENT</i><i> </i><i>As a proud member of the Blood and Iron alliance, The Black Company will form an Elyos Legion out of the capital city of Sanctum. Our mandate is to achieve military supremacy in service to Aion, to crush the Asmodian, and drive them from Atreia. (TBC will be playing on a US-based server, although we have members around the world.)</i><i>

</i><i>BACKGROUND</i><i> The Black Company is a diverse, multi-genre gaming clan formed in 2003. We've played Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Battlefield2, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Age of Conan, Call of Duty 4, Warhammer Online, and Darkfall Online. We have units forming for Aion: Tower of Eternity and Global Agenda. The Black Company is a clan for all and none. We're a mercenary brotherhood of, by, and for our members. We play to have fun and we play to win.

</i><i>MEMBERSHIP</i><i> </i><i>"He wants to join the Black Company? What’s wrong with the fool?"</i><i> -One-Eye

The Black Company has extensive PvP and PvE raiding experience in all types of games. We offer an easy-going, low-drama environment where members can enjoy the game while advancing as a guild. The best and most capable among us will rise within the ranks to become champions of the Elyos cause, top-tier craftsmen, and some of the finest warriors on Atreia (if they survive). 

But we won't take just anyone. We're interested in recruiting quality members over quantity. To be considered for membership in the Company, players must be motivated, capable players and mature adults. They must be able to carry out orders, follow instructions well, be selfless in putting guild success first (Of, By, and For), require no babysitting or hand-holding, and not be a nyerkbag. We're looking for strong players who are good sports (can win and lose well), who play to have fun (no griefers), and are in it for the social experience as much as winning the game. 

If you feel you've got what it takes to become a sworn brother of the Black Company, then apply now at our forums. However be warned that sub-standard applications will be denied. Let us know about yourself and why you've come to join the Black Company. Those who make the cut will become brothers in arms and will join the fight against our common enemies. No guts, no glory.</i><i> </i><i> </i>

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