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Here we go. After getting our website to an acceptable state (though far from complete) it is time to get recruitment opened. We got under a month to release and we are looking for new outstanding comrades for release. 

So who or what is Animus and what the hell does it mean!? Animus is Latin and it means amongst others, "an intent to do harm to another" which fits just fine with our mentality coming into this fine game.

We are a small group aiming to make a big impact on the server we choose come Aion EU Release. Our previous MMO experience ranges from WoW, SWG, AoC and WAR where most of us have been involved with top 20 and higher world ranking guilds (WoW - Method (Sylvanas), Memento Mori (Frostmane), Crab People (Talnivarr) etc.). That does not mean we don't have a clue about PvP which is the real goal in Aion with lots of PvE on the side. Arena Masters and Gladiators with a cute smile.

Recruitment at this stage is open to everyone however there is a few things you should keep in mind before applying to the legion. We aspire to be as active as possible, in other terms, hardcore. We all have a background in MMO's as fanatics when it comes to either PvP and/or PvE meaning activity is a must!

Therefore before you apply please give some thought to your planned activity within the game. Come release we will all give our utmost to level fast and we do mean, fast! On the Restricted forums you'll find out more what we have planned to get as many people up as fast as possible.

The Code of Conduct of the guild is not yet complete on our website but a good rule of thumb is, if it's red it's dead. We do not give much for care bearing and you should preferably have a little a**hole tucked away somewhere inside you. That goes both ways of course, we want to keep drama to a minimum within the guild so teamwork is expected and appreciated.

Size does not matter to us. We have no interest what so ever in becoming the largest guild, on our server of choice, in terms of members. Quality over quantity will always be the preferred method when it comes to recruiting. One of the advantages in that is it's much easier to get to know people, their way of playing and hopefully make friends with.

Recruitment is open for all classes at this time so feel free to jump over to our [[4]], register and throw us an application. The more information you give us, the better equipped we are to give you a positive answer.


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