Abyss Points

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Abyss Points
Aion currency that is used to purchase items from the Abyss. Abyss points are gained through PvP in the abyss, as well as any PvE Encounters that take place in the Abyss, Abyss/PvP-based Quests and Missions, and Sieges.

Aion's PvP reward system is centered around the abyss point system. Abyss points are earned or lost for any actions in a PvP or a faction based PvE Encounter.

Gaining Abyss Points

Abyss Points are gained by in the following ways:

  • Killing an enemy of the opposite faction
  • Killing an NPC while in the Abyss
  • Completing PvP centric Quests
  • Completing Quests in the Abyss
Aion Abyss Points Gained message

Abyss Points are Lost in the following ways:

  • Spending Abyss Points on Abyss Items
  • Dieing to an enemy of the opposing faction

Abyss Points are calculated when two players come into conflict. Each rank has a set amount that the player will gain / lose. The amount players gain is determined by the rank of the player they kill. The amount lost is determined by the players personal rank, and is not effected by the rank of the player who killed them.

The chart below explains how much players gain and lose per kill:

Aion Abyss Point per Kill per Rank Chart

Viewing the Abyss Points

Personal Rank and Abyss Statistics are tracked through the Abyss tab in the character window. It actively updates in real time as points are gained, though the leader boards are updated once daily.

Aion Abyss Rank window Aion Abyss Character title and rank

Abyss Ranking System

The Abyss Ranking system ranks players based on the amount of Abyss Points accumulated. There are two separate ranking systems: Individual and Legion. Individual rankings are based on the amount of Abyss points held at one time, whereas Legion rankings are based on the amount of contribution points they have, which is the accumulation of the amount of Abyss points players within the legion have earned during that legions lifespan.

Individual ranking has various rewards, such as the Abyss Transformations. Legion Ranking has no gameplay benefits other than being a competitive benchmark amongst legions.

Aion Legion Ranking screen


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