A Perfect Human: Miracles of Honorable Lephar

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Whoever sees honorable Lephar is surprised, as his face is as pure and innocent as a child’s.

His immaculate face with no trace of worldly cares and his generous bearing capture everyone’s heart. His words, however, are wiser than those of any sage, and his thunderous voice dictates to the world.

Honorable Lephar’s magnanimity and generosity are a paragon for those who struggle to take the right path at all times. Unfortunately, few Lepharists have met honorable Lephar personally.

Honorable Lephar has never tarried in one place since he received the message that the Thirteenth Empyrean Lord would come to make a new world.

His Honor calls at every door in Atreia without cease, at all risks, in order to elucidate his vision of a new paradise and a perfect Human. Thanks to his grace, Lepharist Revolutionaries have grown influential in both Elysea and Asmodae and been able to act secretly in places the enemy could scarcely imagine.

Honorable Lephar has never forgotten you comrades and has met with each of you in a way you may not understand. It is his belief that people need a savior who stands by them in times of need, not one who, like the Twelve Empyrean Lords, gives commands from faraway.

One night, not long ago, when the snow stormed all around Alquimia Stronghold, honorable Lephar visited you comrades. Yes, you. He came with stealthy steps so not to awaken you and looked carefully into every face while you slept fast and deep. He looked deep into your hearts and saw how passionately you perform your duties--honorable Lephar wore a broad smile on his face and was pleased.

Then, he raised his hand, piling up bread and meat enough to feed all of us, and left without a word. All of you here were inspired to join the Lepharist Revolutionaries by the words Honorable Lephar spoke and taught.

However, such speech is only the beginning. It seems that most of you comrades still do not know about numerous wonders Honorable Lephar has performed. Thus, today I’d like to tell you of his miracles.

The first miracle happened in Altgard several decades ago. There were three sisters who lost their parents and had no relatives. On top of that misery, they were born crippled.

That they did not give up their lives despite such bitter trials is commendable, but they could hardly move on their own. Honorable Lephar, who happened to pass nearby, heard the desperate cries of the poor girls. Without a word, he laid his thumb on their foreheads, and in a heartbeat, they stood and walked.

Those girls joined the Lepharist Revolutionaries that day. Each rose to a high rank and all now work vigorously for His Honor’s cause.

Another story is about an administration officer who was expelled under a false accusation from Pandaemonium. Working as an administration officer all his life, he won official commendation many times for helping and encouraging Daevas with all his heart. He was so devoted to his work that he had no time to court a lady, to say nothing of marriage. However, he had to leave Pandaemonium in dishonor after being falsely accused of embezzling. His self-sacrifice didn’t save him. Dishonorably discharged, he lost all will to live and spent every day in sorrow. He tortured himself by repeatedly jumping off a cliff without spreading his wings. Then Honorable Lephar found him.

Honorable Lephar immediately understood all his anger and mortification. His honor spoke only one sentence:

"You are innocent."

The former administration officer burst into tears, washing away his sorrow. Right then, he joined the Lepharists. As the Revolution has rapidly spread through the lands, some Daevas of Asmodae started to oppose Honorable Lephar. They devised a dishonorable trick. They had a plan to scar our noble cause.

They sent Daevas who disguised themselves as Honorable Lephar to every corner of Asmodae. The vicious Daevas committed all sorts of atrocities. People began to point the finger of blame at Lepharist Revolutionaries. Our comrades came to a decision.

After a long pursuit, our comrades captured one who impersonated Honorable Lephar and brought him to kneel before Lephar himself. The man confessed to Honorable Lephar that he was a spy sent by Pandaemonium. As the truth revealed itself, all the comrades closed their eyes.

However, nothing happened like they expected.

They opened their eyes after a long moment and watched as Honorable Lephar, without a word of blame, erased each terrible memory from the mind of the captive. At that moment, all found great illumination.

Honorable Lephar is a perfect man who shall work for the real will of Aion.


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